Let’s Talk About: States’ Favorite Foods

 I thought, and was told by locals, that LocoMoco is THE quintessential Hawaiian dish. But according to the American Food Network, Hawaii’s specialty food is Shave Ice. I’ve tried both; they’re both yummy. Have YOU ever tried Loco Moco?

Picture a big blob of cooked white sticky rice. Top that with a quarter-pound lean hamburger patty. Smother is all with brown gravy. Add one or two fried eggs (cooked to order) and onion rings optional. This dish will fill you up for all day and likely has an all-day worth of calories. 

What is Washington’s famous/favorite food? Or the dish we’re most known for? Seafood Chowder, according to the American Food Network list. Idaho’s choice is the Steak-Cheese Loaded Baked Potato.  Marionberry Pie is Oregon’s dish. And Montana? Huckleberry Ice Cream!

How many types of apples are grown in Washington???     Over 30 types!Washington is home to over 30 types of apples that range in flavor, texture, and color. They all have a few things in common. You can count on every Washington apple to be juicy, nutritious, and delicious.  Washington Apple Commission

How many varieties can you name?????