Let’s Talk About…. Canada Day, July 1st

As we celebrate American Independence on July 4th annually, our Canadians celebrate their independence on July 1st. Why? 

July 1, 1867: The British North America Act (today known as the Constitution Act, 1867) created Canada. On June 20, 1868: Governor General Lord Monck signs a proclamation that requests all of Her Majesty Queen Victoria’s subjects across Canada to celebrate the occasion on July 1.How much do we know about our Canadian neighbors? See how you do on this 20-question quiz…….  answers way at the bottom!

Canadian Trivia

1.    1. Name the territories and provinces that comprise Canada?

2.   2. Which Canadian province is officially bi-lingual?

3.    3. What are the two national sports of Canada?

4.    4. How many points are on the Maple Leaf on the flag?

5.    5. The first YMCA in Canada was opened in what city?

6.    6. Which Great Lake does not share a border with Canada?

7.    7. When is Canada Day celebrated? (Formerly Dominion Day.)

8.    8. Which spreadable good was invented by a Canadian pharmacist?

9.    9. In some Canadian provinces, doctors can give a prescription to do what?

 10. In 1995, Quaker Oats gave this away in their cereal boxes.

11. PEI residents are known by this starchy nickname?

12.    Which territory or province is largest?

13.   Curling was invented in what country?

 14.  Who is the immediate past Prime Minister of Canada?

15.  Who is the current P.M.?

16.  “Double-double with timbits” in Canada means what?

17.   Seal flippers are a delicacy in Newfoundland, yes or no?

18.   What natural phenomenon in 2021 in British Columbia caused a massive marine die out?

19.    Which Canadian city staged an elaborate ruse that Nazis were invading in 1942?

20.     Who is the most famous Canadian folk singer?


1.    Ontario, Northwest Territories, Newfoundland/Labrador, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Alberta, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Yukon

2.    New Brunswick

3.    Hockey and LaCrosse

4.    Eleven

5.    Montreal

6.    Michigan

7.    July 1st

8.    Peanut butter, 1884

9.    Park passes (to get outdoors!)

10.           Hockey card

11.           “Spudheads,” for potatoes

12.           Nunavut

13.           Scotland

14.           Harper

15.           Trudeau

16.           Coffee (2sugars/2creams) and donut holes (in Tim Horton’s)

17.           Yes

18.           Heat wave

19.           Winnipeg

20.           Leonard Cohen (and you guessed Gordon Lightfoot, right?)

This was a game played on board the Pearl Mist by a Canadian entertainer who said he used Google to compile the list….. “so blame Google for any mistakes!”