Let’s Talk (Again!) About: SCRIBE

We realize that all these genealogically-wonderful digital records we so eagerly seek and use are made available to us by “somebodies,” right? Is there a space in your life to be a SOMEBODY and help pay it forward by helping transcribe Washington’s historic records? 

The Washington Office of the secretary of State, in an effort to increase accessibility to the historical records of our state, initiated the Historical Records Project (HRP) in 2002. Staff from the State Library and State Archives identified records from their collections for inclusion in the project, as well as those held by numerous local museums, genealogical and historical societies. 

Currently millions of searchable records are available free of charge on the Washington State Archives website (www.digitalarchives.wa.gov). Yet much work needs to be done. Countless numbers of records need to be transcribed and indexed in order to be beneficial to researchers. 

THIS IS WHERE YOU COME IN! You can most definitely help!! You can help by signing up to help index these digital records via SCRIBE………. and you can work from home, at your own pace and with NO pressure and lots of tutorials and helps.  What sort of records, you ask?  Birth-Cemetery-Census-Death-Institution-Land-Marriage-Military-Naturalization and more. 

Click to https://scribe.digitalarchives.wa.gov to create an account and become a “scribe” today!!   P.S. View the User Guide to help get you started. 🙂