Let’s Talk About: Unusual Museums

 I’d bet a nickel that there is a museum to just about anything you can name. I’d also bet that you’ve visited a good many museums for that’s a “genealogy thing.” But I’d bet that you’ve never heard of these three museums that I just discovered.

Wikipedia tells us that there are some 4500 species of crab scattered in the world’s oceans. In Margate, England, is the Crab Museum where inside is a diorama featuring all things “crab,” real and fanciful. The museum aims to teach visitors about crab anatomy, mating habits and their importance to marine ecosystems, including environmental threats. Their website is both fun and informative and you can sign up for their newsletter for free. 

The Museum of Failure first began in Sweden as a traveling exhibit and now is located in Malaga, Spain. This museum highlights digital disasters, medical mishaps, bad taste things, Failure in Motion, Failure to Innovate, “What WERE they thinking,” and “So Close But Yet So Far….”  The museum has over 200 new items and artifacts added every year because “innovation needs failure. All progress, not only technological progress, is built on learning from past failures and mistakes.” 

Last of all, a museum in Reykjavik, Iceland: The Iceland Phallogical Museum. This eclectic museum purposes to “collect, study and preserve some 200 phalluses of land and sea mammals (including man).” I visited this most unusual museum and to be honest found it to be most interesting. The gift shop offerings were definitely “something else.” 

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  1. Be sure to check out Museums Throughout Washington State on our own Washington State Genealogical Society website: https://wasgs.org/cpage.php?pt=87

    How about the Spark Museum of Electrical Invention? or the Aurora Valentinetti Puppet Museum? Cle Elum Historical Telephone Museum? Seattle Pinball Museum? Thorp Grist Mill? Olde Yakima Letterpress Museum? or my favorite: Giant Shoe Museum?

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