Let’s Talk About: Summer Genealogy To-Dos

There is no need to put your genealogy on hold during the summer months! Mixed in with outdoors and family fun, here are some suggestions for summertime genealogy things to do:

  • Start writing those stories…. yours or those of your ancestors.
  • Zero in on a dead-end line using all the new tips and tricks you’ve learned.
  • View How-To videos: Ancestry Academy, YouTube, plus dozens mor.
  • Catch up on your genealogy book/magazine reading (take down that stack!)
  • Identify the folks in the photos in that old box of musty photos.
  • Take a grandchild to a cemetery.
  • Take a grandchild to lunch to “celebrate” an ancestor’s birthday.
  • Use Google to find places important in your ancestors’ lives: homes, church, work.
  • Work a bit harder to understand your DNA matches (there are plenty of helps!).
  • Clean up your email back log and email address list. 
  • Read a good historical fiction novel or genealogy mystery (like the Deserter’s Tale).
  • Take a whole day and spend 30″ studying the advantages to your research of what’s available from the Big Four: FamilySearch, Ancestry, MyHeritage, FindMyPast.
  • Take a second day to explore Fold3 and Cyndi’sList and any other genealogy websites that you’ve been wanting to explore.

Summer sometimes means lazy, slow, down days. Great. When you’ve finished your drink and watched the sun come up, plan a genealogy to-do day!!

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