Let’s Talk About: Remember GPC?

Remember getting catalogs from Genealogical Publishing Company (based in Baltmore, Maryland)? I sure do….. sometimes I did order a book but more often I made note of a book pertinent to my research and would look for it next time at a big library. Maybe you did that too?  Well, GPC has morphed into My GPC Library and comes offering books to you in a brand new format: digitally. Click to www.genealogical.com to get all the info. But, bottom line, you’ll have access to 800 books for a yearly subscription of $135, or for six months for $75, or for three months for $45.  (What a great idea for our long winter days, no?)

Before you read on, here’s a warm fuzzy for you from EWGS member Rosemary Braun. She has a granddaughter born when her parents were in South America, and was named Xochitl……. “so-CHEE.”  The name is Mayan and means “beautiful flower.”  Rosemary assures us that she loves her name. 

Breakdown of the major categories:

  • Industry leading how to books and manuals – an unsurpassed collection of more than 140 of our best titles that you cannot find anywhere else
  • More than 375 genealogy books on colonial American families
  • Over 239 books on New England or Mayflower genealogy
  • Nearly 200 immigration titles covering Colonial America to about 1865
  • Native American guides and records
  • The best collection of titles on Royal and Noble genealogy
  • More than 90 titles on Irish and Scottish genealogy
  • Guidebooks for African American genealogy and records of families prior to 1870
  • Nearly 800 titles in all, and growing