Let’s Talk About: Genealogy Bargains!

Who isn’t in line for FREE stuff? To those of EWGS members who have been in my genealogy classes in the past, haven’t I taught you “that if it’s free, take two?” 👵 Well, it’s true; everybody checks out “free stuff.” It’s human nature.Thomas MacEntee is the genius behind this website (www.genealogybargains.com) and the links at the top of his site are:  

  • Home
  • Genealogy Webinars
  • FREE Genealogy Stuff
  • Store
  • Connect with me

Under the “FREE Genealogy Stuff,” Thomas (in his newsletter) mentions what’s free today or this month in the genealogy world. (Click to his website to sign up for his free newsletter.) Under the “Store” you’ll find over a dozen pages of cheat sheets or how-to sheets that he’s created and offers mostly for free …… but some are $1.99. By now (late in December) your “extra” spending money is running low, so having freebies offered to you right now is a December gift to you for sure!  Enjoy. 

Let’s Talk About: Freebies!

FREE Genealogy Cheat Sheets

Download a variety of easy-to-use, free genealogy cheat sheets created by genealogy expert Thomas MacEntee of GenealogyBargains.com

Please SHARE these 2-sided cheat sheets with your genealogy friends and fellow genealogy society members!

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