Seattle Genealogical Society Tip of The Week

 Do you know about

GEDmatch is a free repository website for people who already have taken tests at any of the DNA testing sites such as Family Tree DNA, Ancestry, and 23andMe. While free, donations are appreciated.

Testers first register on GEDmatch with their email and create a password, then download a copy of their autosomal DNA raw data file from their testing sight such as Ancestry or FTDNA, then upload that file to GEDmatch where it is processed and added to the large database.

The best two reasons for uploading to GEDmatch is you’ll find additional matches with folks who tested at sites other than the one you did and GEDmatch has a number of data analysis tools.

For plenty of detail on the site, watch the “GEDMatch Basics” video at Youtube

When you’re ready to try your hand at the download and upload of your raw data file to GEDmatch, you can find a short video on that at YouTube also.  If you feel uneasy or intimidated by the process, stop by the SGS library on Technology Tuesday and talk to Lisa Chan.