THE GENEALOGICAL FORUM’s Wednesday Evening E-News

THE GENEALOGICAL FORUM’s Wednesday Evening E-News 15 March 2017

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It’s the GFO Annual Open House!! March 18 – 26, 2017

Please ask your institution, church, and/or senior community centers to post one of our OPEN HOUSE PRINTER-FRIENDLY POSTERS. Share on Facebook. Help get the word out in all the creative ways we know you know already or can think of now.

We want as many people as possible to come and join us at our library space at the Ford Building the week after next. So soon!!
Some of the feature attractions… ▪ Book Sales!!
▪ Over 30 different free genealogical classes? Wow!
▪ DNA learning and tips!
▪ How to use the French-Canadian Collection at the GFO
▪ Tips on utilizing and reading census records
▪ Even Mexican record-hunting and finding!!

And don’t forget about the New Membership Special!
Going on all week during GFO’s Open House:
Pay for 12 months – Receive 14 months Pay for 25 months – Receive 29 months
Visit our membership page HERE for details on the various GFO Membership options.

For these killer deals, application must be made and/or verified in person at the GFO during the Open House. SO BRING YOUR FRIENDS!! You know you want to!


There’s still time for you to submit a CANDIDATE (or two) for March 25th’s Membership Meeting at the GFO!

Curious what makes the GFO go?? So curious you want to have a direct impact on the process!? Here’s your chance.
Positions still in need of candidates:
▪ Endowment Committee (two positions)
▪ Vice President (one position)
▪ Treasurer (one position)
▪ Director-At-Large (one position)


If you know someone you’d like to have read as a candidate nominee for one of these Board Member positions, please email anytime from now until our Membership Meeting scheduled for Sat, March 25, 12:30pm – 1:00pm. Be sure to ask the permission from your nominee before putting their name forward.

Nominations will be read during the Membership Meeting on Saturday, March 25th, and completed ballots for candidate elections will be due the first Monday in May 2017.

How will I receive my ballot?? Why, in your April edition of the Insider of course! If you have a joint membership, please feel free to make a copy of your ballot (received either via email or in your paper copy of the Insider) for your joint membership partner!


Facebook Class 101, March 21st, 11:30am – 12:30pm
Have no fear! The Facebook expert is here!!

Don’t forget to contact Marcia Hicks to sign up to have her help you create your very own Facebook Page!

We apologize for any confusion on the timing of this class, as last week we noted it would be held from 1-2pm. Please note, that’s just not true! That’s actually the time slot for Marcia’s Facebook Class 102, which should also be great. Marcia needs a Facebook newbie volunteer for the 101 class from 11:30am – 12:30pm.
Come on out for one or both of these classes during GFO’s OPEN HOUSE!!


Local Genealogy News and Resources for the week…

Preserving Portland s Chinese Culture
PHOTO COURTESY OF ROBERT H. LEONG – Historic artifacts displayed at the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association Museum in Portland.

Preservating Chinese Culture right here in Portland??
The Portland Tribune ran an article this last Thursday, March 9th, all about the legacy created and recently left behind by Portland’s own Mary Nom Lee Leong.

Her artifacts, preserved oral histories, and photographs can be viewed at the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association Museum and the Oregon Historical Society in Portland.


The Pacific University Archives has digitized 792 (that number’s no joke, folks!) endangered oral histories from cultural organizations in Washington County, Oregon and have made them available for public research and browsing.

Check them out HERE, and be sure to take a look at the how and who behind this great project while you’re at their website. Some super inspiring stuff in the world of historical preservation!


Want to make a difference in genealogy research all over the world?? Excel-lent!!

Data Extraction extraordinaire, Loretta Welsh, has recently released 3 cries for HELP!
Project ONE: Loretta has been consolidating the Oregon births (bound) from 1903-1905 indexed at the state office. The original scans have been named by Mac McGarvin and Cathy Lauer, and will be available on a CD when completed. What’s “completed” look like? We need an excel-genius to help consolidate the multiple indexes currently flying around in various excel documents, and then to format the resulting consolidated file before it can be sent for publication. There are 3,241 births and 3,873 files, as some have attachments.

Project TWO: The Portland (unbound) birth records indexed from 1901-1905 at the Oregon state vital records office have been put on GFO’s website. The original scans have been named by Mac McGarvin and Cathy Lauer, and will be available on a CD when completed. Again, we need an excel-genius to help consolidate the multiple indexes currently flying around in various excel documents, and then to format the resulting consolidated file before it can be sent for publication.

Project THREE: Six boxes of Oregon death certificates, funeral notices, and obituaries were recently donated to the GFO. A partial index was given to us and the rest needs to be done. We have been able to get many of the items scanned and indexed. Lastly, we need another excel-extraordinaire to go over and help consolidate the excel data to make sure it’s ready for publication on CD’s.
If this interests you, please contact Loretta at


What’s Happening this Week at the GFO?


Saturday and Sunday we’re starting things off with a DNA-centric weekend, because…well, everything started with DNA anyway! With classes for beginners to those of us much more advanced but still itching for more.

Monday’s classes will focus on travel records, e.g. census records, railroads, immigration records, and oceanic travels and arrivals records. Let Marcia know if you want to volunteer to have her create you a fancy, real live Facebook page at the 11:30am Facebook 101 class!

Tuesday’s classes will be all about computers and the systems available on them that can enhance and further your genealogical journey.

Wednesday’s classes will be more of a mixed medley, including cemetery and research, followed by Photoshop Elements, how to utilize Heritage Maker to publish your own family’s history, and lastly a talk by GFO President, Laurel Smith, all about the many many wonderful resources right here at the GFO!

Find out more details on the GFO’s Calendar so you can schedule, schedule, schedule!

Or check out the printer-friendly (or full color) flyers you can share with your friends!!