Friday Serendipity

On our New Zealand trip, we visited the Waikato Museum in Hamilton. A current exhibit there was “The Horses Stayed Behind.”

“Ten thousand horses left New Zealand for the front lines in World War I but only four returned. It was this fact that catalyzed artist Cat Auburn to ask horse owners from across the country (of New Zealand) to donate a small clipping of full length hair from their horse’s tail which she then made into rosettes and flowers in the style of Victorian hair wreaths.”

“In the exhibit each horse is identified in stark contrast to the anonymous fate that awaited thousands of the horses and men who left New Zealand for the war.”​

What feelings did you have as you read this???

3 comments on “Friday Serendipity

  1. Theresa Cosgrove says:

    As a life-long horse owner & rider, I can appreciate what artist Cat Auburn has done. One of the books in my personal library is “War Horse” by Phil Livingston & Ed Roberts. The authors write about how much horses have contributed throughout history.

  2. Bettye Hull says:

    Wow! That is amazing dedication!

  3. Carol Ballard says:

    I was stunned to learn about the horses and impressed with the dedication to create the exhibit.

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