Blog Readers

Most blogs are easy to read in your web browser, but soon you will find it a waste of time to check a blog several times and find out nothing new has been added since the last time you were there, so most blogs have a couple of ways to read them without having to go there daily and check for a new post. One way is to sign up for E-Mail and the post is sent to your E-Mail where you can filter it into categories.  I have not liked that option as I already average 100 or more E-Mails a day. The second method is to use an RSS reader. Google had a very good one called Google Reader and a lot of the people I know used it, but Google in its infinite wisdom closed Google Reader a year or so ago. I first went to The Old Reader which was similar to Google Reader, but very slow in updating the feeds, so I switched to Feedly and I really like it. I have somewhere around 250 blogs I read on a regular basis. I have 47 Genealogy Society Blogs, 150 Genealogy Blogs, 16 Library Blogs, 12 newspaper blogs and even 7 Rootsweb blogs, plus several others just for entertainment and a few for work. Each one is in its own category on Feedly, I have one category for Gene Societies, one category for genealogy blogs, etc. I know this sounds like a lot to read every day, but the newspaper blogs are the busiest each day, some blogs only have a new article once a week or less. The genealogy blogs probably only have 25-35 posts a day, and the newspaper blogs are just about as busy.

Dick Eastman wrote a great blog article on Blog readers, so If you are interested in a blog reader click here