Seattle Genealogical Society Tip of the Week

TIP OF THE WEEK  –  Bring Back the Interactive Map
Have you ever used the Newberry Library website “Atlas of Historical County Boundaries” page?

Renowned as the easiest, most complete site to track county boundaries, it has maps, text and tools to view historical county configurations against the modern county network.

The Legal Genealogist, Judy Russell, has an informative article about this interactive map at :

Unfortunately at this moment, as you read, the interactive map portion of this site is “temporarily unavailable”. Please take the time to add your email address to the list of those that need to be notified “when this functionality has been restored”.  Let the Newberry Library folks know this interactive map is useful and important to you.

TIP OF THE WEEK  –  Update

Remember “U.S., Index to Alien Case Files, 1940-2003” from last issue’s “Tip of the Week”?  It is not only available at as reported, but it is also available via  Check out: