Seattle Genealogical Society Tip of the Week

 TIP OF THE WEEK –   Family Tree DNA Tests on Sale

During the entire month of December, Family Tree DNA (FTDNA.COM), is having a substantial sale on their most popular DNA tests. Family Finder, the autosomal DNA test, is on sale for $59; this is a $40 savings from the regular $99 price.  The mtDNA Full Sequence test is marked down to $179, a $20 savings,  and the Y-DNA37 test is marked down $30 to $139.  Some of the combination tests for male or female lines are also on sale. The Family Finder + mtfullSequence has been reduced to $228, a $70 savings, and the Family Finder + Y37 is now $188, an $80 savings. Sale prices will be in effect until 12/31/2016.