Query on Perry Summerfield


Hello, I’m recently re-located back to my roots here in Port Orchard and have been doing some research on my great-great grandfather Perry Summerfield, he lived in the Puyallup area I would say around 1890-1930’s ? Any info would be great. I am planing a drive down there soon, oh and he used to work with Ezra Meeker, a farmer, and something to do with the Wash Fair.
Charles Summerfield <1973lespaulrr@gmail.com>

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  1. Patty Olsen says:

    Puyallup Historical Society, HQRL,NARA, even Ancestry has numerous listings of your relative with one insertion of his name. Absolutely everyone has researched him for you including photos posted on line. You should have a field day and the envy of everyone with that information readily available.
    If he travelled with Meeker, most towns on Meekers Monument installations might have a write-up too, like Chehalis in the Lewis County Historical Museum which has files on Meeker.

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