Tuesday Trivia

Would you rather live on Beet Street or Frog Hollow Road?

These are two for-real street names near Walla Walla.

Don’t we smile to see Bluebird Lane, Cricket Street, or Kennedy Parkway but we scratch our heads at Itani Street (a real street in Pullman). How would you react to these…. found photos of each on a website so I’m not pulling your tail……….

Priest River, Idaho:  GOA Way

Story, Alaska:  Farfrompoopen Road (said to be 200 miles from a reststop)

Bainbridge Island, Washington: Toe Jam Hill Road

Troy, Michigan: Intersection of Crooks Road / Corporate Drive

Great Meadows, New Jersey:  Shades of Death Road

New Portland, Maine:  Katie’s Crotch Road

Blountville, Tennessee:  Meth Bible Camp Road / Dead End

Littleton, Colorado: Jackass Hill Road

Heather Highland, Michigan: Divorce Court


One comment on “Tuesday Trivia

  1. Bettye Hull says:

    In a new, Western housing area (probably in New Mexico) was a street named “Cow Tongue Road.” Not too appealing to me, but in an effort to find it on Google, I found “Beef Tongue Road” in Macon, North Carolina. No, thank you.

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