Wednesday Nostalgia

Ah, the good old days when most every grade school child was ushered into the nurses’ office and given a wooden spatula to cover first the right eye and then the left and was told to read the letters on this lighted eye chart. Did you pass? If not, a note was sent home with you to your parents that you needed glasses. Very scientific.

2 comments on “Wednesday Nostalgia

  1. Charles Hansen says:

    My dad passed that test easily but he still got headaches when he was reading. Years later he found out he was far sighted and needed glasses to read.

  2. Sonji Ruttan says:

    My mother’s response to the ‘note’ was “How dare they say my daughter needs glasses.” Refused to accept the results until faced with the prospect of my being barred from class until I saw an eye doctor. Come to find out, I was almost blind! Extremely short-sighted. Had to wear glasses from then on.

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