Wednesday Nostalgia

Thinking about odd things, I wonder which is really better? To save Great-Grandmother’s brooch in its velvet box where few of her descendants will see it, wear it, or know of its history or to just let it go with her stuff to the Thrift Shoppe when she passes and the family cleans out her house??

I really thought about this idea as I enjoyed the site of so many old brooches and pins offered for sale at a recent Vintage Faire. Many of these pieces of adornment was some woman’s treasured item, don’t you suppose?

Far, far, FAR better would be to ensure that all Great-Grandmother’s descendants know about that brooch of hers. Bet you’d agree to that.

(Note the prices and note the fence/gate that this display was mounted upon. )

One comment on “Wednesday Nostalgia

  1. Bettye Hull says:

    The question makes me think I need to assign myself yet another project to go through my jewelry and make an inventory with the history of any heirloom pieces. I don’t have that much of value, but there is some significance to some items that a descendant might care about. Or perhaps we should begin to distribute interesting pieces now while we can talk to the recipients about where the necklace, earrings, etc. came from.

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