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Wednesday Evening
16 August 2017

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Eclipse Library Closure

Due to anticipated traffic and nearby events, the GFO Library will be closed from 9:30am until 1pm on Monday, August 21st.
See you on the other side of the sun!

GFO’s August Star – Vince Patton

Vince jumped in over a year ago to fulfill the need of maintaining GFO’s Facebook pages. He regularly posts upcoming events and genealogical news of interest. Likes and interaction on Facebook have gone WAY up as a result!

Having retired from a career in television, Vince has also volunteered to create videos to showcase the GFO! He is in the process of filming and producing the first video which will be available soon!
Thank you, Vince!
The RA Sharing Corner: Newspaper Clippings for All!

Our Research Assistants (RA’s) often have tips they like to present to our patrons and other researchers. Here’s just one of our recent favorites!

This week, our RA Sharing Corner tip is about saving info to your very own computer and then uploading that very same info to your very own account and trees. If this sounds a bit personal, well…it is! It’s all about YOU and PRESERVING YOUR RESEARCH!

How do you do it?
(follow the pictures to the land of possibilities)

1) Sent the newspaper clipping from GFO’s account at the Library directly to your own email address.
2) When the email message arrives in your account, you’ll want to click the blue box titled “View Clipping.”

3) Up pops the clipping as shown below!
4) Next, click the green “Save to Ancestry” button. (Psst! It’s above the clipping image next to the DOWNLOAD button.)

5) It will then ask if you want the clipping in Lifestory (we recommend clicking “yes”).
6) Next, you’ll need to select the Family Tree and enter the name of the person you want the clipping to be associated with, and then click the green “Next” button.

7) After entering the metadata (that’s data about data, mind you), it will finally ask you to click the green “Save” button.

8) Voila! We hope you enjoy this new little tool! Now you really have no excuse for not coming by the GFO Library to take advantage of our subscription.

Are YOU a Book Label-Maker? Would you like to be??

Me! Pick me! I can help!!

Are you good at 10-key? Are you good with working on your own time, making your own schedule, and working without too much supervision because you are independent and self-sufficient??

If any of these things are true (10-key not required, but helpful) then WE NEED YOU! Training and written instructions for reference are included.
Our Library Committee needs label-makers for to help catch up with our catalogers.

Interested? Email
The GFO’s Quarterly Bulletin goes on hiatus…

Special Notice from the Editors of the Bulletin
August 16, 2017

The September Bulletin issue will mark the end of the third year I have been co-editor of the Bulletin and the end of the fourth year that Jay Fraser has been the Layout Editor. Laurel Smith has been heavily involved since the previous editors resigned in December 2013.

As with all undertakings of this sort, all three of us have had many highs and lows. The highs include the very positive feedback we’ve received and our belief that we have put out a quality publication with many fine articles. We have tried to make it informative, entertaining, and as visually pleasing as possible. We have a wonderful group of editors and proof readers behind the scenes. Unfortunately there have been some low points also. We have continually asked for more content. We have repeatedly begged for additional assistance with both organization and with layout.

Jay and I have jobs, and Laurel wears many other important hats at the GFO. In short we are tired. Jay and I do not have the energy to continue without more help. Laurel will not be continuing to assist with the organizational side of the Bulletin and it is something that I said at the beginning I would not do because I didn’t have time to do it.

I do want to acknowledge that we have had people step up and offer assistance. This last time through, we ended up with a person to help with layout. But her time is also very limited and so she was unable to assist with this issue. Someone else came forward to help Laurel, but because they also are already carrying a heavy GFO workload, this was (and is) not a viable long-term solution.

In addition to assistance getting every issue out, we need more submissions. When we last asked, it did garner us a few additional articles, enough to continue through this issue. However, even though we have some columns and book reviews for the December issue, we have only one feature article – which is not enough. We have absolutely nothing for the issues after that.

Therefore, we have decided to put the Bulletin on hiatus for now. The December issue is always very difficult because personal year-end and holiday commitments. We may bring you a March issue, or perhaps one in June – if we receive enough material AND the help to do so. So if you would like to see the Bulletin return full strength, then I ask you again for your assistance.

Managing Co-Editor
This Week at the GFO…


Italian Group noon – 2pm

Working with Research Calendars – Research calendars or logs are worksheets to record information about your genealogy searches and sources. Learn how to use Research Calendars as powerful research tools. This will be interactive using Italian records online, learn by doing. Bring your laptop computer. Facilitated by Keith Pyeatt.

Library Work Party 9am – noon

There’s another work party at the GFO library today for those of you who can come. There’€™s lots to do and we’€™d love to have your help. Doors open at 9 and work usually wraps up around noon. Some people come for just an hour or so and you’€™re welcome to do the same. Any time you can share is valuable. Hope to see you there.