Monday’s Mystery

(PLEASE NOTE: Due to my traveling schedule, I sometimes do the posts for this blog weeks ahead. If you wanna answer the Mystery question, please refer to the DATE it was posted. Big thanks!)

Last week’s mystery and photo was of FDR’s special wheelchair that he used when he came to view the completed Grand Coulee Dan in 1937. I photographed it at the Grand Coulee Dam Visitors’ Center.

Today’s Monday Mystery is this: What Washington town, dedicated on July 4, 1957, celebrates each Fourth with a huge cherry pie…. 8-foot square pan with 100 gallons of pie cherries, 200 pounds of sugar…takes 3 hours to bake and another 4 hours to cool. (Humm…do they still do this??)

6 comments on “Monday’s Mystery

  1. Gary Parfitt says:

    George, Washington.


  2. Larry Bafus says:


  3. Pat Manning says:

    Had to be Yakima or Wenatchee!

  4. Bettye Hull says:

    9 Oct Mystery must be in George, Washington…who else would require a CHERRY pie?

  5. Phyllis Griffith says:

    George, Washington

  6. Barbara Johnson says:

    George, Washington at the Martha Inn. Been there for dinner on a business trip.

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