Washington history bit…..did you know?

I’m just back from a wonderful trip along the coast of Maine and New Brunswick. At the border (Calais, ME and St. Stephens, NB), and on the Maine side, there is Fort Knox. This fort was constructed for a war that never really came….between 1812 and the Civil War. Now here’s the point:  “Our” Isaac Stevens was the first engineer on this project in 1846…. long before he came west. I found that most interesting. Also, in October virtually all of Maine decorates for Halloween and there are pumpkins everywhere and on every stoop. Thought you’d like to know this too.

One comment on “Washington history bit…..did you know?

  1. Debra Thompson Golding says:

    When I was in New Hampshire, I noticed the same thing. Everyone had a festive theme on their doorsteps.

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