Friday Serendipity

Did anybody take advantage of the subscription offer from Rick Cree of Internet Magazine?????? YOU, right along with WSGS, would benefit!

Hi Donna,  This is a great idea.

I have temporarily reduced the one year new subscription price to $20, but normally it is $27.95. Just so you know, Ed and I normally only offer the $20 at the big conferences.
In any case, you can send your readers to or and the option for a $20 1 year subscription is available through the regular channels. This applies to all three of our magazines.
In order for us to give you back the $3 per subscription, it is imperative that they indicate the code WSGS. This will have to be put in the area where we ask for their ID number (the actual wording on the box is: If available, please include your subscription ID number when renewing your subscription…).
I hope this helps.   Rick

Rick Cree
Associate Publisher
Moorshead Magazines Ltd
Publisher of Your Genealogy Today, Internet Genealogy, History Magazine