Genealogy 101 workshop in Shelton

Looking to begin your genealogical journey and live near Shelton? Sue Sheldon, president of the Mason County Genealogical Society, will be leading a workshop to help you get started tracing your family history. Wednesday, Feb. 7, 5:00 – 7:00 at the Shelton Library. Experienced researchers are also invited! For more information, visit the Shelton Timberland Library page.

3 comments on “Genealogy 101 workshop in Shelton

  1. Judith Pieper says:

    I am a member of the camwood genealogy society stanwood wa but am interested in GOODRO and TAYLOR families 1900 and forward living in Shelton and Allyn (also Olympia). Does anyone share these interests?

  2. Roger Newman says:

    A friend of mine has Taylor’s from Mason County, but there are several different Taylor families here. Got more information on them then I will contact them. My mother was born in Warm Beach and her mothers family (Preston) were from there.

  3. Judith Pieper says:

    My interest is William h Taylor 1829-1905. I will provide more names. He and Catherine Beatty had 9 children I believe.

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