Tuesday Trivia

According to that eminent authority, Sunday’s Parade Magazine, American love their “comfort food.” And each state has its favorites:

Alabama: BBQ Chicken                          Alaska:  Smoked Salmon Chowder

Arizona:  Chimichangas                          Arkansas: Biscuits/Choco. Gravy

California: Ramen                                     Colorado:  Chile Verde

Connecticut: Steamed Cheeseburgers   Delaware: Scrapple

Florida: Cuban Sandwich                        Georgia: Peach Cobbler

Hawaii:  Saimin                                          Idaho:  Finger Steaks

Illinois:  Deep Dish Pizza                          Indiana: Pork Tenderloin Sand.

Iowa: Maid-Rite Sandwich                       Kansas: Chicken Fried Steak/Msh’d

Louisiana:  Gumbo                                     Maine: Lobster Roll

Maryland: Crab Cakes                                Massachusetts: Clam Chowder

Michigan: Pasties                                       Minnesota:  Hotdish

Mississippi:  Tamales                                Missouri: Toasted Ravioli

Montana: Huckleberry Pie                       Nebraska: Runzas

Nevada:  Thai Rood                                  NH:  Apple Cider Donuts

New Jersey: Trenton Tomato Pie           New Mexico: Breakfast Burritos

New York: Buffalo Wings                        No. Carolina: Pulled-Pork BBQ

North Dakota: Knoephia                          Ohio: Cincinnati Chili

Okilahoma: Onion Burgers                     Oregon: Mac & Cheese

Penn:  Philly Cheesecake                         Rhode Island: Doughboys

So. Carolina: Shrimp & Grits                   South Dakota: Chislic

Tennessee: Hot Chicken                           Texas: Smoked Brisket

Utah: Funeral Potatoes                             Vermont: Blueberry Panckes

Virginia: Brunswick Stew                         Washington: Cedar Planked Salmon

W. Virginia: Pepperoni Roll                    Wisconsin: Deep-Fried CheeseCurds

Wyoming: Bison Meatloaf

Do you agree with Parade Magazine’s choice for YOUR home state? Some of those things I’ve never heard of………… some I’ve made and loved….. like Cincinnati Chili. But tamales for Mississippi?? Surprise, surprise. If you can believe Parade. 

One comment on “Tuesday Trivia

  1. Theresa Cosgrove says:

    Yes, I agree. I have also lived in Minnesota, where we do call a casserole a Hot Dish. When I lived in Wisconsin, we loved our cheese curds.

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