Heraldry Learning Offer !

Dear Family Historians,

Janette and I are long-standing members of the Eastern Washington Genealogical Society and over the years we have compiled seven books on the history of our families.  One of those books dealt with the heraldry of my ancestors.

Recently I prepared a presentation on what I learned about heraldry at one of our society’s annual workshops.  The focus of this presentation was, of course, all about heraldry, but also how the genealogist/family historian might be able to use heraldry to learn more about their ancestors.  I use many examples from a ten-year search of my ancestors’ crests and coats of arms and what the many images, forms, and colors mean.

We are offering to share this presentation with other family history/genealogy-based societies and groups.  It is easily one hour or longer in length depending on interest and questions and I bring along our own overhead projector.

We are willing to travel up to 200 miles from Spokane to share information on this exciting topic and there is no fee.   A two-page summary is provided on request.

Please contact me if there is interest.

Anthony (Tony) Birch

12230 S. Gwendolyn Lane

Cheney, WA 99004-8533