Stillaguamish Valley Genealogical Society

Early Stillaguamish Valley Schools

by Sue Walde, Helen Eliason and Joanne Wetmore
The story of the humble beginnings of Arlington’s rural schools in 1882 to the advent of the modern era. Despite the struggles to survive in an unforgiving wilderness, early settlers sacrificed to build the first schools and fulfill dreams of a better education for their children. Discover the mysteries of Arlington’s 44 rural schools, woven with local history and old-time stories. Enjoy numerous maps and over 150 photographs with many pictures of school children. View a 40+-page, easy-to-use index, cross-referenced with over 5,000 names. Perhaps you will find your ancestors in this unique book about Arlington’s early rural schools. Cost $30.00 Now available on the Stillaguamish Valley Genealogical Society, and at the upcoming N.W. Genealogy Conference in Arlington.

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  1. Michele Cozad says:

    What a great fun read! Loved the 5000 indexed names. If you’ve got any roots in the Stilly Valley this is a “must have” for the genealogists library…

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