Wednesday Nostalgia

Remember the awful-terrible-horrendous fires near Manson and Chelan a couple of years ago? My long-time friend Maureen White accomplished something too many of us only think about or maybe talk about. She went about interviewing her Manson-Chelan neighbors, collecting their memories of that memorable day and had them all published in a book.

Titled Burned Out,  Maureen created a tangible memory-artifact for those who lost their homes or just lived through that awful-terrible day. Big Special Kudos, Maureen (proud member of the Chelan Valley Genealogical Society)!!

2 comments on “Wednesday Nostalgia

  1. Bonnie Moore says:

    Where can Maureen’s book be purchased and for how much?

  2. Cynthia L. Fuerst says:

    What a loving and kind task to take on and complete!! Great job Maureen!!

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