Wednesday Nostalgia

As you probably know by now, I’m fascinated by names. Especially names from long ago. They cause me pause (why did the parents chose that particular name?) and cause me to laugh. (Sorry, ancestors.)

Here are some I’ve gleaned recently:

Zymetta Phillips 1875, m. Joan Abston

Onesephorus Masch, had dau, Hannah, b, 1757, Boston

Aylett Waller, m. Miss Armstead

Lorcufo Phillips

Maphibosheth Marsh, original settler of NJ

Truman Derastus Phillips, b. 1731, PA

Zalmuna Phillips, 1804-1883, m. Eunice Cobb

Lerias Phillips, m. 1816 Elizabeth Smith

Please use the comment box below to share some of the more unusual names from your pedigree. 

5 comments on “Wednesday Nostalgia

  1. Lynda Pheasant says:

    My grandfather’s cousin, Charlotte Miller married Mr. Green. He died; she next married a Mr. Bean–thereby making her Charlotte Green Bean! <true story!

  2. CJR says:

    Onesiphorus is my favorite unique family name.
    Onesephorus Page, 8th great-grandfather, baptized in Hingham MA on 20 Nov 1642. His son’s name is spelled Onesiphorus Page. Jr. was born 10 Feb 1678/9 in Salisbury. Onesiphorus may have been a traditional Page name; 3 are listed in the town records for Salisbury.
    Other spellings are Oneysiphorus and Oneseferes. The spellings may be pronunciation clues. The name is from Second Timothy.

  3. Sonji Ruttan says:

    My funniest one is a multi-grandfather named “Young Young”

  4. Bettye Hull says:

    Phalby (or Falby) Clary (early 1800s)- had at least 3 husbands. Can’t find her and found only one husband’s grave.
    My sweet great-aunt, Musa Cunnyngham. She was a spinster and was named after a childless aunt. I’ve not seen the name anywhere else.
    Texas Ann Bishop – her nickname was TEK.

  5. Barbara Johnson says:

    Golly, I can’t top those!b

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