SCRIBE-ing it and lovin’ it!

WOWSERS. I’ve gone from being number 169 on the list to being number 114. That means with my relatively puny accomplishment number of 955, I’m still ahead of lots of folks and climbing up the Getting It Done Ladder. And it feels good. I shall likely never catch up to Rose or Stephen or Charles but it surely is a warm-fuzzy feeling to be paying it forward with SCRIBE.

Are you SCRIBE-ing it yet???

3 comments on “SCRIBE-ing it and lovin’ it!

  1. Debbie Golding says:

    Well, I’m hooked. Tell me more!

  2. Renie Rodgers says:

    I’m not familiar with SCRIBE. Please tell us more about it. Thanks!

  3. Yes, please Donna Potter-Phillips, please tell us more about SCRIBE-ing. Thanks!

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