Friday Serendipity

Are you watching the PBS show, We’ll Meet Again, with host Ann Curry? She presents people who crossed paths with somebody long ago who had a life-long-lasting impression on their life. In Season 2, Episode 5, recently, they had the story of Nelson Figueras who was a young boy Cuban boat refugee in the 60s. He was placed in a foster home in Yakima, Washington, and he never forgot that family and wanted to find them again to thank them once again. They did find “his” family and host Ann Curry showed the reunion with the mother (the father had passed).

Point of the story: The show’s research team visited the Yakima Valley Genealogical Society library and featured Sue Erickson helping Nelson Figueras!! The show aired on January 1st, and you can view it for free through January 30th. Go take a look at this episode and you’ll be hooked to want to watch more.