Tuesday Trivia

If you live in Eastern Washington, then you know about DUST. We over here in the eastern 2/3 of the EVERGREEN state realize that we cannot be the world’s biggest wheat-to-bread-and-pasta growing area of the world without having DUST. But we do not have to like it.

Stefanie Pettit is a regular columnist for The Spokesman Review in Spokane. A recent article of hers was addressing the subject of spring cleaning. She wrote “Truth be told, I’m not such a fanatic housecleaner in any season. I’ve made my accommodation with dust. It does have to live somewhere, so I don’t mind if a bit of it chooses to rake residence on my coffee table from time to time.”

It was her “it has to live somewhere” that granted me peace and a reprieve from my self-imposed War on Dust.

**Thanks to sheknows.com for the so-appropriate image.