Friday Serendipity

Time for some fun today!

Did you know the pedigree of Donald Duck is available online to you?? Click to , then HUMOR, and there it be. Along with other fun stuff.

Just learned that there are 1250 “Donna Phillips” in the U.S. but only 253 “Donna Potter” listings. And only one Donna Potter Phillips. Website is

Have an 18th century ancestor with the unlikely name of Bezaleel. According to, his name means “in the shadow of God.” (According to the Old Testament, Bezaleel built the wooden ark, as in Ark of the Covenant; he had siblings John, Mary and Elizabeth. Go figure.)

Did you know that there is a live feed from the ISS (International Space Station) on YouTube to which you can subscribe? Fascinating.

I lived at 311 Great Jones Street in Fairfield, California, in 1950. Using, I found a current photo of “my” house. Way cool.

Saved the best for last. You can go to and ask to see videos on anything you can think of (BE CAREFUL; UGLY THINGS THERE TOO). Ask for “10 minute history of America.”

Then spend the rest of your evening looking at other YouTube wonderful things. Enjoy.

One comment on “Friday Serendipity

  1. Donna S. says:

    I’m going to go check Donald Duck’s pedigree right now! A few people called me Donna Duck as I was growing up, so much that I have a Donald Duck beach towel and a few other memorabilia.

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