Friday Serendipity

Pamela Boyer Sayre was a speaker at the 2018 Montana State Genealogical Society conference held in Great Falls. One of her topics was “Our National Treasure: The Library of Congress.”

She began with “even if you never visit Washington, DC, you should explore the holdings of the Library of Congress.” She continued saying that “the LofC is your library too, so use it!”

“The Library of Congress has diverse collections such as digital items, prints and photographs, sound recordings, manuscripts, maps, historic newspapers and much more…beyond just books.” And many of these items are available online. For free. Click to and check it out for yourself.

So far, the resource from the Library of Congress that I have used most is the newspaper site, Chronicling America ( This site provides FREE access to millions of pages of America’s newspapers.

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  1. Bonnie Moore says:

    I had not considered this, Thank you!

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