Tuesday Trivia

Would you enjoy having in your yard (or town park?) a start from one of America’s historic trees? “With most of the forest giants gone, Americans now focus on saving venerable trees that presided over much of our history. For Phyllis and Tom Hunter, founders of American Heritage Trees (AHT), that means producing saplings of trees associated with historic people or events.” Their farm is located in Lebanon, Tennessee. Would you like a sapling (tree start) from Alex Haley’s home? Amelia Earhart’s birthplace? Mount Vernon? Robert E. Lee’s home? Benjamin Franklin’s??

For more information, click to www.americanheritgetrees.org . The site includes a hardiness zone map; prices range from about $60 to $125, depending on the size of the sapling, plus shipping.

(Thanks to American Spirit, the DAR magazine for tipping me off to this.)