Day 2 at the Northwest Genealogy Conference

“Sergeant” Michael Strauss ready for duty

Attention! That’s military talk for listen up! And that’s what we did during keynote speaker Michael Strauss’s presentations. Entertaining, energetic, informative — everything from the Colonial Wars through WWII. All three sessions kept us rapt with “attention!”

Diane Carter from Aberdeen channeling her Colonial ancestor

An always super fun activity at the conference is the “Dress Like Your Ancestor Day.” It was so fun to see attendees dressed as their Salem Witch ancestor (complete with noose), Colonial dame (watch out for that hoop skirt!), Norwegian (or German or New England or Irish or…other parts of the globe) ancestor. We all love to talk about our ancestors and today it was so fun to see them walking around the conference.

My two “extra” classes today were Sara Cochran’s “Irish Eyes Are Smiling: Finding Vital Records in the Land of Sain” and “Motive, Means and Opportunity: The Sad Saga of George Richards” with Jean Hibben. I’d never taken a workshop with their instructor, but will in the future. Great information and presentations!

Yo ho! Yo ho!

Ahoy, maties! The evening closed with the annual banquet at the Gleneagle Golf Course. The always entertaining Daniel Earl kept us laughing all through his presentation on pirates. Yes, pirates! Who would have known how piracy affected our ancestors!

Tomorrow’s the last day of the conference, but a full one. Looking forward to hearing Thomas MacEntee — via video conference. Unfortunately, Thomas was unable to fly to the conference, but being the professional that he is, conference organizers arranged to have him live through the wonders of technology.

4 comments on “Day 2 at the Northwest Genealogy Conference

  1. Shirley Case says:

    It was a wonderful, educational conference with very professional, personable speakers. Highly recommend this conference.

  2. Next year the theme is ‘A WORLD OF DISCOVERIES’ Aug 12-15, We had close to 400 attendees this year – let us keep the world at your fingertips right here at the NORTHWEST GENEALOGY CONFERENCE .plan it – tell your friends and make it happen! Thanks to all who support us….

  3. This was my first genealogy conference. I enjoyed every second! Unsure whether I can attend next year, but I’m hoping to do so.

  4. Bettye Hull says:

    As usual, this conference was excellent! It is always a challenge to select your classes. Thank goodness they provide us with a book of information to help!
    Thanks for the wonderful job done…again!

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