Unhappy News from FHL

I have a bolt of unhappy news for you. Many of you make trips to Salt Lake City to research in the Family History Library. And many of you trek over to the Church Office Building cafeteria for lunch. It’s everybody’s favorite place and for a long list of reasons. But that privilege is now ended.

David Rencher, head of the FHL, tells us that eating in that cafeteria is an employee benefit of a non-profit corporation. We, as non-employee library patrons, do not qualify. DANG, is what you’re saying, I’m sure. 

3 comments on “Unhappy News from FHL

  1. Barbara Johnson says:

    Gasp! How sad. It was such a great place; cheap food but always delicious food. 🙁

  2. Betty Schulz says:

    So sad! I always felt welcome, and the food is delishous and healthy!

  3. Margie Wilson says:

    That is a loss for FHL researchers. My husband and I always enjoyed eating at the cafeteria when visiting the FHL in SLC. We’ll miss the live piano music during lunch in the cafeteria as well. We met many friendly people in the cafeteria too. Life is change.

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