Seattle Genealogical Society Tip of the Week

  Thanks to Jeremiah for his comment on the Seattle Genealogical Society Networking Group’s Facebook page. He pointed out another of Steve Morse’s great tools for genealogists. It’s a way to search a US census by address in case you can’t find what you need by searching the census with the index. 

Say you want to know who lived in your house in 1910. Or, in another scenario, you have ancestors you can find by name in the 1940 and 1920 censuses, but you can’t find them by name in the 1930 census. So you want to locate their 1920 and 1940 addresses in the 1930 census. How do you do that? 

To browse the census searching for an address is much easier if you can find something called an ED (Enumeration District) number. And here’s where Steve’s tool,  “Unified Census ED Finder” (Obtaining the Census Enumeration District for an 1880 to 1950 Location in One Step), will come in handy. Try it out for yourself here:  

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