Seattle Genealogical Society Tip of the Week -Irish Roots


Have you heard of “Ireland Reaching Out”? Their mission statement says “Of the estimated 70 million people of Irish descent living outside of Ireland today, many are unsure of where in Ireland they originate from, or if there are any living relatives still there. We aim to help these people discover the story of their family history and reconnect them with the Ireland of today.”

And their approach is a bit unique, “It is based on a simple idea; instead of waiting for people of Irish descent to come home to Ireland to trace their roots, local Irish parish communities go the other way. At a town land, village and parish level, local Irish communities identify who left their neighborhoods, and trace them and their descendants worldwide, proactively engaging with them and inviting them to become part of an extended “virtual” community with their place of origin.” 

“Ireland Reaching Out” has a Facebook Page in addition to their website: 
Join, post your family’s emigration story or browse the messages boards, communicate with a volunteer, learn about Irish history.