WSGS Blog and the Corona Virus

Well it looks like the readers of the WSGS Blog are getting back to reading the blog at work again. When the shutdown closed many non essential businesses the cities of Kent and Spokane Valley came to the top for readers passing Seattle and Spokane. Since the middle of June Kent seldom makes it in the top 25, and Spokane Valley has not even made the top 50 cities list. When MyHeritage had their European Conferences in 2019 the cities of Helsinki and Amsterdam have been near the top 25 cities. Both seem to be Bots as they stay zero seconds on the blog.

The top three most read Blog posts were my article on the Death of Myra Gormley, The Three Stooges Census collectors, and the Seattle Genealogical Society Tip of the Week on Irish Roots.

We passed 900 subscribers a few weeks ago and EasyNet has worked on stopping the 150+ error messages I get each week saying some of the digests we send out on Wednesday night will be delayed.

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One comment on “WSGS Blog and the Corona Virus

  1. Roxanne F Lowe says:

    The WSGS Blog has kept many of us thinking of genealogy through this crazy time. Getting the weekly digest reminds me that genealogy is important and I should step up my research during this time. Thank you, Charles, for keeping the WSGS light on!

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