South King County Genealogical Society October Seminar

Fellow Washington state genealogical and historical societies,
Normally your members might not want to drive to south King County for a DNA seminar. However, now everyone is just a few clicks away! We would appreciate you sharing news about our seminar with your members and Facebook and Twitter followers. We hope your group is well and healthy in these perilous times.

Registration is open! Attached is the flyer and registration form for our upcoming seminar with Diahan Southard. 
If you are feeling that your DNA data is not fully working for you, join us Saturday, October 24 for two sessions with Diahan Southard, a pioneer in the field. She will help you analyze and connect the data the companies give you with your family tree.
If you plan to pay by check, we suggest downloading and sending the registration form soon because of the Postal Service slowdowns. Payments using Paypal, Venmo and Square are all accepted. Just download the registration form: , fill in the PDF and email to
Why not do it today and add it to your calendar?

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