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Steve Cornick, one of our members, is celebrating a milestone birthday on October 8, 80 years old!. We would like to wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and many more years to celebrate. You can send birthday wishes to his email: or mail a card to our library:
CCGS Library, 3205 NE 52nd Street, Vancouver, WA 98663. Here is also a link to an ecard set up by his daughter Sophia Barre.

CCGS FALL CLASSES All Classes Online: live from the Clark County Genealogical Society Library from 10am to Noon Tuition for each class is $12 for members and $15 for non-members.
Registration may be made using PayPal or mailed with a check.  Registration information is available from:

Researching Your Family in Maryland: Elsie Deatherage – Tuesday October 13, 2020
Maryland is where many of our ancestors arrived before heading west. Learn how to find their records in the “Old Line State”. Join Elsie as she shares more of her many genealogical gems to locating your family.
  Secrets of Wiki in Alice Allen – Tuesday October 20, 2020 is an easy-to-access online research database, just enter your ancestor’s name and information appears! But you may be missing great family clues searching only a family name. Alice will share how to make the most of your research time using the Wiki.
  Scottish Ancestors’ Emigration History: Marcia Grubb – Tuesday, November 3, 2020 When and why our Scottish ancestors departed their homeland often offers clues to where they next landed. Scottish history is complex and full of reasons sons left and families resettled in new lands.
  Internet Security Tips: Stephen Young – Tuesday, November 10, 2020 With Steve’s Intel career experience, he brings to this class practical and on-point internet security tips to assist your family history searches. The www is a vast helpful resource which may include some mysterious pitfalls.

Come join the CCGS Research Book Club as we start a new book “The Genealogist’s Google Toolbox 3rd edition” by Lisa Louise Cooke. We meet on the first Monday of each month at Noon and will analyze this book one to two chapters at a time. For now, we are conducting our meetings virtually until we are able to meet in the library. Focus groups are free and open to CCGS members and non-members. If you would like more information or are interested in joining this group please contact Paula (facilitator) at


Saturday, October 24, 2020
South King County
Two virtual sessions on DNA
If you are feeling that your DNA data is not fully working for you, join us Saturday, October 24 for two sessions with Diahan Southard, a pioneer in the field. She will help you analyze and connect the data the companies give you with your family tree.

The Oklahoma Genealogical Society is presenting a special program entitled, “Native American Genealogy & Research”.  The speaker will be a Native Oklahoman, Rick Fogarty. The program will be held via webinar on Tuesday, October 20, 2020 from 6:00-7:30 p.m. CST.

If interested in participating, go to

Roots Tech for 2021 will be a virtual convention, and FREE. More information and registration form is available here:

Are you keeping local newspapers for us? If you’re keeping The Reflector, the Post-Record, or other smaller papers from our area, please contact Barbara Schrag at, we’d love to pick up what you have for 2020. 
If you’ve been keeping The Columbian, there is no need to keep them any longer. We’re “clipping” obituaries, death notices and vital statistics daily from their e-paper, so won’t need paper copies for 2020.
Thank you to all of the wonderful volunteers who’ve been saving newspapers for us over the years!

It is a 32 inch, 720 DPI monitor, with built in audio, built in stand and solid as a rock.  Any reasonable offer will be considered.   Contact: Questions:

The CCGS Craft Clan started meeting just before Covid 19 closed everything down, and have had some virtual meetings in the meantime. They meet the 4th Saturday of the month at 10 a.m. Contact Marcia Grubb for more information, as well as log-in information. Her email is mlouise421 @

  Registration Now Open For National Nordic Museum’s Virtual Nordic Genealogy Conference
Participants Can Delve Into Family History Online SEATTLE, WA—The National Nordic Museum’s Virtual Nordic Genealogy Conference opens in September. The first genealogy conference ever offered by the Museum, it provides resources about family history and lineage to a wide global audience with internationally-renowned experts. Participants can choose from variety of live broadcasts and pre-recorded courses designed to be taken at their own pace. Registration is now open at

Photos and other resources can be downloaded at September 26-27, 2020

Many thanks to our members who renew their membership promptly.  Double thanks to those who include a donation along with their renewal.  We do have ongoing expenses even though the building is closed to the public (rent, water, electricity, etc).  Thank you for your patience and loyalty.

Eric Jordahl, President

If you would like to renew your membership or make a donation, please email

The CCGS building is currently closed to the public. All previously scheduled meetings and activities are cancelled or postponed. More detailed information will be forthcoming and available on the CCGS calendar as conditions change.

Your CCGS Board is working to share the Library with you without you leaving home!  

Clark County Genealogy on YouTube – Our content currently includes past classes and speakers that you might have missed.  We are developing new content and hope to post regularly on topics such as “What’s that Library Resource?”  “Memorable Family Stories”. “Spotlight on Focus Groups”.  

ZOOM makes Face to Face meetings come together from remote locations via your cell phone, iPad or Computer.  Presenting meetings virtually with Zoom will be an effective “social distancing” way for more members to enjoy our great CCGS programs.  

Hello, all. As everyone is surely aware, CCGS is closed up tight for the duration of the pandemic. But there is a ray of light peeking through. If you have a library card with Fort Vancouver Regional Library you can access the Library Edition of Ancestry from home in your bunny slippers. Click or copy and paste this link:

into your browser. That will take you to a page where there is a link to enter your library card number and password and be taken to the home page of Ancestry – Library Edition. 

Don’t have a fvrl card?? The normal procedure is to present yourself with picture ID and proof of residence at a library. Not a possibility with the libraries all shut down, however, you can apply for an eCard. Go to 

and apply for the eCard. That will get you access to many digital and electronic fvrl assets. 

Also, CCGS now has our own YouTube channel. Just go to and search for Clark County Genealogy and you will have the opportunity to subscribe and view three previously presented CCGS classes. More to come.

All others who provide access to the communication tools for CCGS, please edit, copy and deseminate where appropriate.


The introductory price is normally $49.95 for a year subscription. Geoff Rasmussen has provided CCGS with our own discount code that allows a CCGS member to purchase a yearly subscription for ½ price. CCGS Members can email for the discount code. 

As you may be aware, CCGS participates in the Fred Meyer Community Rewards Program. That means Fred Meyer makes a donation to CCGS every quarter. The amount we receive is based on purchases made by our members who have signed up and chosen CCGS from among the many non-profits registered with them. This past year, we have received over $400. There are currently twenty-six members who have designated CCGS as their preferred recipients. Neither your Reward points nor your Fuel points are reduced by participating. This is a win-win.  If you have not yet signed up for this program yet, please consider doing so. Just click on and click on Link Your Rewards Card Now. CCGS thanks you and so do I.
Clark County Genealogical Society

Amazon has a charitable giving program, similar to the Fred Meyer Community Rewards program.  CCGS is already entered in their system as a potential recipient. There is no need for individual registration. All that is needed is for people to make their Amazon based purchases starting at the website rather than the normal Everything works exactly the same except at checkout the user will be prompted to enter in the name of the organization that will benefit. Just start typing in Clark County Gen . .  and we will magically pop up as a choice.