Which Paid Genealogical Site is Best?

Sunny Jane Morton presented a webinar October 21st for Legacy FamilyTree Webinars and it was 100% gold-plated wonderful. She talked about the “Genealogy Giants”  (MyHeritage, FindMyPast, FamilySearch, Ancestry) and the new features from each one. For one week, this webinar will be FREE at Legacy FamilyTree Webinars (21-28 Oct) and then it will go into their library which you must be a member to access….membership is $49 annually to access over 5,000 pages of handouts and hundreds of webinars. But at least, go learn from this one by Sunny! 

2 comments on “Which Paid Genealogical Site is Best?

  1. Donna S. says:

    I agreed that Sunny’s webinar was good but it didn’t seem to attempt to answer which site is best, but merely what are the new things going on at those sites. To title this blurb “Which Paid Genealogical Site is Best?” is a bit misleading. But, sure, go view the webinar because it might inform you about the various sites!

    • Charles Hansen says:

      Knowing what each site is doing and what is new may help people decide which is best for them as they research.

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