Happy New Year

Postcard from my grandmother Anna Hansen’s postcard collection, the back is just addressed to Anna Hansen Sebeka Minn, but no stamp or postal cancellation, they moved to Columbus Montana just after the 1910 census so this card is probably from 1910

Happy New Year

Been an interesting year, never had to post so many seminar and meeting cancellations, but eventually we learned to have our meetings online on Zoom, Web-ex, Google and even Facebook. That allowed us to join meetings in other states without travel, motels, parking and traffic. The only bad part was we all miss meeting our friends in person. Lets hope we can get back together in 2021, but still have the ability to listen in to seminars a long way from our homes. We are learning to work together in ways we never dreamed we could so lets expand that and help all the Washington genealogical societies. I also post a lot of seminars on the WSGS Facebook Page, because it goes out immediately not once a week like the WSGS Blog, check it out.

I have been asked how am I doing by a lot of people, and I am doing fine, I like peace and quiet and do not like crowds, my favorite volunteer job was doing research in a quiet archive, and I got to do that for eight years at the county courthouse in the auditors archives. That ended when all the records were digitized and the originals were moved to the Washington State Regional Archive in Cheney Washington. They then moved the Law Library in the space that used to have the auditors records.

I am also a volunteer with Scribe and by the end of the year I will have digitized 92,000 names in 2020 and 370,000 names since they started counting, but that was many years after I had started. At first we got a 3.5 inch floppy disk and paper copies to digitize records.

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  1. Judy Artley says:

    THANK YOU for your volunteer work! Happy New Year!

  2. Sue Jensen says:

    Happy New Year to you also Charles.

    Let’s hope this year is peaceful instead of traumatic.

    Thanks for doing the WASGS Blog and all the other volunteering that you do.

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