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Wishing all a happier year than yester-year and a suggestion.  With the year 2021 starting with us still semi-isolated, now may be a good time to review published information that helps do genealogical research. A membership in TCGS provides access to the Members-Only Section of the website. In that Section, there are available 52 years and still counting of the Society Bulletins. The Bulletins contain articles of helps for doing research as well as genealogical history and research challenges met by authors. In the last four years, articles related to doing research included those about DNA analysis, general record keeping, Native-American History Research, National Graves Registration, secondary source problems, researching WPA Records, finding Revolutionary War ancestors, The Mayflower Voyage and travelers, and effective searching techniques. Some specific examples focusing on the subject of DNA are:

November 2017: (1) Understanding Your DNA, page 72; (2) Raw DNA Data, page 77; (3) The DNA Painter, page 78; and (4) Leaving Your Own Records of Where You Plan to Go, What You Did, and Your Hopes for the Future, page 78.

July 2018: (1) Researching WPA Records, page 42; (2) How to Better Determine Relationships of DNA Matches, page 50.

November 2020: (1) Next Steps: Organizing Your DNA Matches, page 72; (2) Bulletin Articles about DNA, page 76; (3) Identifying DNA Matches, page 78; and (4) Effective Search Techniques for Genealogy, page 80.

So join Tri-City Genealogical Society,  if you have not already, and be healthy, stay positive, Covid negative, and do research in 2021,


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