Form 990-N

Simple 990
Hello there, this is a simple reminder that you may now file your annual Form 990-N form for Your Genealogical Society
Paper airplane image If you are not responsible for filing the Form 990-N for YOUR GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY, please forward this email to the appropriate party. Refresh
If you already filed, please disregard this email. Paper airplane image The IRS e-file system began processing business returns for the 2020 tax year on January 8th, 2021.

One comment on “Form 990-N

  1. Kathy Sizer says:

    Good reminder Charles. So many groups forget to do this and are dropped by the IRS as exempt organizations. Just in the Yakima Valley alone when this form requirement came out years ago, there were over 200 non profit organizations such as Boy Scouts, Soccer groups, church groups, etc. that hadn’t filed. Thanks!

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