Seattle Genealogical Society Tip of the Week FHL Lookup Service

  For over a year, the Family History Library (FHL), family history centers, and the affiliate libraries (SGS is an affiliate library) have been closed due to COVID, preventing researchers, like yourself, access to those pesky “locked” records, the ones that can only be viewed from within the FHL, or a family history center, or an affiliate library.

The FHL staff and volunteers have come up with a solution to this big problem. They launched a new Lookup Service. You still do the research work on FamilySearch, identifying the record that is important to you. If you find your access to that record image is restricted, fill out a Records Lookup Request Form. The staff, or a volunteer, will find the record from the information you provided and email it to you. 

Be patient. Requests may take a few weeks to process, depending on the volume of requests being handled at any given time.  

For more information on the Records Lookup Service and what types of materials (including books) it encompasses, visit: