Clark County Genealogical Society Granny in the Gallery

Put a Granny in the Gallery

The Clark County Genealogical Society is seeking submissions for their Gallery of Grandmothers by August 15 in celebration of their 50th anniversary celebration. People can submit a photo of a current or past grandmother from anywhere or any era. Each photo should include up to 500 words about the ancestor, including such items such as name, dates of birth and death, birthplace, where and how they lived, what they did, favorite memory, and perhaps some personal characteristics. Digital images and descriptions can be emailed to You may also drop photo copies (up to 5”x7”) off at the CCGS Library, 3205 NE 52nd Street, Vancouver, WA 98663. The library is open Tuesday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The 50th anniversary celebration will be held on August 27 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Come dressed like the early ‘70’s and have a grilled hot dog. This is a great time for those interested in ancestry research to explore the library and its sources, participate in some fun activities, and chat with genealogy experts. For more information, visit

(Note: I have a 1930s-era photos of my grandmother taken 1) on the streets of either Vancouver or Portland and, 2) at a fair, probably Clark County. The family grew up in Felida, LaCenter, and Woodland. Let me know if you’re interested.)



We certainly appreciated the your help when we were seeking family of the original founders. We’re still seeking them but this is our latest effort for the 50 year celebration. Please let me know if you have any questions or wish to talk to anyone!

Thank you,

Kay Cooke

CCGS Publicity Volunteer


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  1. Larry Bafus says:

    Hello: My name is Larry Bafus and I am a direct descendent of Esther Clark Short thru daughter Jerusha and Andrew Jackson Bolon. You may have a file on me, I gave a short presentation at your library many years ago. You were sponsoring a week-end in Vancouver for the Lewis and Clark Trails Association and a Oregon Trailers club. This was probably over twenty years ago and I have no details on paper from the event?? I had been invited by one of your Library ladies and I am embarrassed to say I (at age 85) do not have the records of that event, only the wonderful memories. PS: I live in Franklin County and did at that time.

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