Let’s Talk About: New England Ancestor Arrivals in the Colonies

When did your ancestor arrive in the colonies? American Ancestors offered this chart:

Year        Geographic Area                    Resource

1620            Plymouth Colony                     Mayflower Families books (silver books)

1607-1657    13 Original Colonies                Founders of Early American Families

1620-1633    Plymouth & MA Bay               Great Migration Begins

1634-1635    Plymouth & MA Bay               Great Migration

1607-1650    New England                            Founders & Patriots (by Kolket)

1620-1640    New England                             Great Migration Directory

1620-1650    Massachusetts                           Pioneers of Massachusetts

1641-1700    New England                              Early New England Families

by 1699        Maine & New Hampshire        Genealogical Dictionary of ME & NH

to 1700(marriage, not arrival) New England    Torrey’s New England Marriages;

                                                                            New Englanders in the 1600s

One comment on “Let’s Talk About: New England Ancestor Arrivals in the Colonies

  1. Melinda Anderson says:

    This chart would be so much more helpful if it were titled, Ancestor Arrivals in New England. There were many other arrivals during the early 17th century that folks here in Washington would like to hear about. One glaring omission is Jamestown. Maybe a redo of the chart including American Ancestors info along with others.

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