Let’s Talk About: Sears Christmas Wish Book

How many of us remember drooling over the pages of the Sears catalog Christmas Wish book? I do!

The first Sears Christmas Book debuted in 1933 and came in the mail for 60 years, until 1993 (when Sears went totally out of the catalog business). 

Through the decades, the items offered varied. In 1937, tractor sets and Shirley Temple dolls were offered. By 1949, Western TV shows and movies exploded and the book offered a wide variety of Roy Rogers inspired gifts and even school supplies. As America entered the space race in 1968, children everywhere dreamed of becoming an astronaut. Marking America’s Bicentennial in 1975, nostalgic theme toys appeared: fife and drum sets, Colonial dolls and models of the USS Constitution.  Transformers exploded on the scene in 1984. 

What likely did your grandparents or parents or YOU order from the Sears Christmas Wish Book???

3 comments on “Let’s Talk About: Sears Christmas Wish Book

  1. Kathy Erlandson says:

    Gramma always got the wish book, & we 3 kids would spend hours on the floor dreaming, with the catalog on front of us.

  2. Sandra J Gaffney says:

    Could you purchase a kit to build a house?

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