WSGS Vice President and Treasurer Nominee Statements

Valorie Cowan Zimmerman of Kent has been nominated to serve a second term as WSGS Vice President. To learn more about Valorie, click here.

Additionally, Frank McLean of Yakima has been nominated for another term as Treasurer. To learn more about Frank, click here. The term of office is 01 Jan 2023 through 31 Dec 2024.

Online voting for the slate will begin 18 Dec 2022 and run through 24 Dec. All WSGS members will receive an email with a Google link to their anonymous ballot. Members are asked to vote for each position. Write-in nominations are allowed.

Valorie’s candidate statement:

I’m proud to have served as the Vice President of the WSGS for the past two years, which have seen enormous changes in the genealogy landscape of the state and country. WSGS has changed as well, now focusing solely to serve the genealogy societies and individual genealogists around the state. It has been exciting to see the enthusiasm and online participation grow around the state in many, if not all, societies, and more and more “lone” genealogists finding societies where they can both learn and contribute. Helping the Pioneer Pursuit roll out across the state has been inspiring. I see this program not only as a way to increase our knowledge of our Washington Territorial pioneers, but also to strengthen our partnership with other heritage and history groups around the state and beyond. Check out the Washington State Genealogy and Family History group at and see what researchers are working on. I’m happy to say that we have rekindled our membership in the National Genealogical Society as well, and see our role there growing over the coming years. I ask for your vote to continue this work.

Frank’s candidate statement:

I have been a member of WSGS since 1988 and have served in nearly every office, including President and Treasurer. I have a vested interest in seeing the society become a more useful organization to local societies and individual genealogists.

Over the years, I have seen a lot of changes in WSGS, but am hoping for more. I am particularly interested in making WSGS an organization that provides value to societies. WSGS is interested in what services and opportunities it can provide. I also hope we can generate interest in expanding individual participation, maybe serving on the board or helping some other way. I would appreciate your support in moving WSGS in a positive direction.