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Flappers, jazz, bootleggers, bathtub gin. The roaring 1920s was a decade of decadence and prosperity following a pandemic and world war.

Join us on Saturday, January 14, 2023, at 1:00 PM PST for an online presentation via Zoom from Dr. Bill Woodward, emeritus professor of history, at Seattle Pacific University, where we will explore what lessons from the 1920s can we apply to our own looming 20s.

Remarkable parallels chart between the 2020s and developments from a century ago: shattered idealism, social clashes, domestic terrorism, culture wars, disorienting technologies, and fearsome disease. How might stories from a particular moment in the past shed light on ways for us to move forward or broaden our context of when our ancestors lived 100 years ago? As the 2020s unfold, what conversations should we have? 

Will the 2020s Roar Like the 1920s? is offered in conjunction with Humanities Washington Speakers Bureau. Register now at:

William Woodward is an award-winning professor of American and Pacific Northwest history at Seattle Pacific University. His teaching, research, and writing focus on iconic elements of regional and national culture, including the military and baseball. His co-authored pictorial history of the Washington National Guard was released in 2019. Woodward lives in Seattle. Check the Calendar of Events for upcoming program meetings from SGS.

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